Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is JoJo.

And he is ADORABLE!!

Ooh Aah


How men stroll kids....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Engagement Session #2

I was in Michigan for a family reunion back on the 4th of July (photos to come soon) ... I know, I know... this is late!, BUT I had the awesome privilege of shooting my brother and his fiancee's engagement pictures at the place where he proposed to her. I gotta say, he picked a beautiful place. I am proud. =)

There were lots of bugs, but we didn't let that bother us... also getting up at 6 on that Saturday didn't bother me either (until later).. BUT it definitely was all worth it. I love my future sister in law.. she's gorgeous, super sweet, and has a beautiful singing voice! I can't wait to have her closer and officially become part of the family!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three Times a Darling

I love that title.. It fits this family well :)
I am so excited I get to post these now! I just came back from seeing the little baby. He's SUPER CUTE!!
A friend asked me what I thought would go through this little baby's mind when he gets older looking at these photos.
My answer: "Man, someone was obsessed with me!"

Yessir.... :)

Thanks Darlings for the privilege to capture your "bundle of joy".

Children Are Like Lambs....


Family Reunion - Round 1

Here's the first trip we made for my dad's side of the family in Missouri. The drive was long and we didn't get there til 4 in the morning after leaving at about 7pm the day before.. but we got through it, and it was a great family reunion. It reminded me how close our family really is and the importance of having them around. Great weekend.

Nature Shots.... It was BEAUTIFUL out there at night

We had some fireworks going on the last night -- the kids LOVED it!

My little cousin's horse with no name

My babies :)

The Family ... and we're still missing a few families who didn't show.

On our way home, we saw a rainbow...

And discovered there was another on top of it...

Yay for family and roadtrips! :)


On our way to Missouri, somewhere in Iowa, we saw in the distance, what looked like a formation of a tornado. Just a little bit shaken, but I decided to photograph it.

This is what I saw 2 days after we had gotten home and I finally had the chance to reveal my photos:


A Day @ the Conservatory

These girls were great! They asked me to do their post-grad pictures and I was honored to be able to get together with them. It was a good time at the local Zoo's conservatory! I even took 2 of my nieces along and got cotton candy afterwards... I know, I'm the best Auntie! :D

And yes, you might recognize her from previous shoots. She's so cute and photogenic... It wasn't until AFTER this shoot that I found out she used to model! I suppose I'm not so surprised. Just gorgeous!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a Sneaky Peeky

Okay.. Bear with me while I work backwards here.

Baby Isaiah at just a little under a month old.

Adorable! More pics to come soon!! So, yes, that means more blog updates!! :) -Believe me, I'm ready this time to post!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Ok, ok... I'm working on updating this more often... Seriously! I've been busy and tired from travelling and working... and working on a regular work out schedule (for the wedding). AHH!! BUT! I haven't forgotten about blogger world.

I will return with pictures! PROMISE! So don't forget about me!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting the Hang of Things

I know! It's been a while! But its funny that I'm not the only one who keeps saying that about updating my blog.... What's worse? I have a website that hasn't been touched since the first few days I got it. Its got some pictures on it... and is still under construction. I just can't seem to make up my mind, whether I like it there or not. One huge plus is that its got its own tab for everything - a portfolio space, a blog space, and some other random space tabs... all on one website. *sigh* such is life with decisions... ahh well.. (btw, if you're curious, its

I've been shooting tons of pics, but just haven't gotten around to much of a lot of them. But I am attempting, TONIGHT, to get some posts up from recent happenings and shoots before I have to pack my bags and leave for the holiday weekend to Michigan! Woot! I am especially excited because, well... let me list theeee waysssss (in no particular order, whatsoever):

1. Its a family reunion and I'm excited to see my mom's side of the family
2. Its a road trip!! I love road trips! 13 hour ride tomorrow, hopefully my love for these trips doesn't get altered on this one
3. I am getting out of Minnesota once again (I enjoy a change of environment and scenery every now and then)
4. I get to do a photoshoot of my brother and his fiancee... at the place he proposed to her. I'm told it's by a lake... I'm STOKED! :D

Anyhow, these are a few older ones I've done that I've been playing around with to get into the hang of things. Check it!