Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Violin Concert

Yes, Yes, Finally!

I finally got around to uploading these on blogger! FINALLY!! Its been a good 7 months now? You've seen some previously... but here is the rest!:

How Can You Not Love This Face!?

And this one too??.. hehe

<3 Him :)

Winners Announced!

Thank you for all who submitted your poems! The winners are:

Shall I sleep tonight?
Dear Lord, shall I sleep this night?
Shall I slumber, dream my plight?
Father shall I rest tonight?
Relief until thine morning light?
And dost my king bid me adieu?
T’whom I’d run, who’d carry through?
Father you won’t leave me right?
Leave me nor forsake me might?
Always there for me sight keen?
Protecting me within thine mean?
Of course thy hand rolls high and nigh,
Always mindful by and by,
Present when I lack to feel,
Near when I’ve done all but kneel,
Of most enduring grace I know,
Thou wash-ed me of brightest snow,
Cleansed mine seen of troubled times,
Spotless garment mine of thine,
Righteousness what endless prime,
Provided for mine wretched crime,
Never must I doubt thine right,
Lord pry and pull, Lord fix my blight,
And as I lay upon my springs,
Resting in thine peace that brings,
Reassuring comfort soft,
Reposing high mine cozy loft,
I know of truth Lord that I might,
Of your accord, now sleep…this night…

James Byron Miller
Copyright ©2005 James Byron Miller


Writing a poem can be a struggle for me
Because I'm not sure exactly who I want to be
Poems and such ... well, I find them...very fun
But it makes me really sad when...he doesn't see me as the one.

He let go if it
Two months into our relationship
Sure, I'm real young, and I've got lots of life left.
But still, just remember, the first cut is the deepest

I'm wondering why
I'm spilling my heart out tonight
And it's not even that good, it doesn't flow really right
I don't understand, what my problem is now.
I don't understand how I love him. How?

I don't understand him,
thus, I don't understand myself.
I turn and I toss and I weep and I yelp.
And I think myself lucky that no one could tell.
Because we'd be a part of gossip.
And I'd just hate that now.

Ok, so I'm too young to have a boyfriend and such.
My mom lets me learn the hard ways very much.
I guess now I understand life and all it's small little things.
Now I understand life is not at all what you think.

I mean, I knew that before,
But I know it more now.
And someday I'll find more.
And I'll look back and think, "Wow."

I really did love him.
So much, do I now.
I really did love him.
I'm not really sure how.

But I really did love him.
And I always will too.
In a place in my heart,
He will sit,
In a place in my heart,
He will forever hold true.

And I thank you for listening,
Even if you have nothing else to do.

Thank you you two for sharing!

Please email me your address information along with your choice of photo!! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

See the Music


Dear Blogger,

Today looks warm outside. I am going to have a mini-vacation this weekend with Jere, starting tomorrow after work! Yay! I need a break... and a full long week vacation. But, I'll take this weekend for now.

I went to a 1st grade violin concert last night. My baby played and she did awesome! I love her ta death! The rest of the kids were cute too. Pictures to post soon!

Love always,


P.S. I didn't post up a deadline for poem entries. I'll let it run until this Sunday. Either email me your poem, or comment below! Thanks to all who've submitted already! I've enjoyed them! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Absolutely LOVE waking up to this

Monday, February 8, 2010

Swans and :O GIVEAWAY!! :D

I thought it was time for an update....

School's kicking my butt, and I'm a little stressed and drained. 15 credits this semester should me good for the summer, eh? I finally have the "motivation" to post something today.. so I will! Check it:

I went to work one day.... and our pest control guy came in and we had a very interesting chat. Somehow, we ended up talking about photography, and he told me about this place an hour away from the metro with TONS of Trumpet Swans--good for a photo op. [Supposedly these trumpet swans only come around this time of year to be fed by a swan lady who shows up every day just to feed them (I wonder if she ever gets too sick to go?? --it was COLD that day)]

So, I pull into a neighborhood area, thinking I took a wrong turn.... but then... I heard sounds of, what sounds like, trumpets...... (A-HA!)... Drive down some more into the nice and friendly looking neighborhood and found a parking area half way down the street (which, I thought was strange). I park, still listening to the sounds of trumpets, get out of the car, and see this:

A bunch of them were just chillin'.. :D

This one was probably the most active that I got to see:

They were either eating, swimming, or lounging... ooh, the life of a swan.

Fascinating!... Not at all what I expected.... but it was definitely an interesting experience! --Though, no swan lady in sight. Just houses (can you believe this is in people's backyards????? They even try to make money off of photographers who want to get a closer shot at the swans since its all private property!)


I've been on this bubble tea kick a LOT lately... I've been getting it at least once a week... :/ Its not all that good for you because its syrupy and sugary.. but man! Is it good! :D I had a wintermelon green apple this particular day (ALWAYS gotta have my wintermelon *something*) :D

When I don't get my bubble tea, I feel like this:


I promised a giveaway... and I shall deliver as such!

I love poems! Colorful, cute, sappy, artistic... I love them!... Leave me a poem and and the best 2 gets an (apprx) 11x17 mounted photo of one of these (your choice):

Choice #1:
One of my favorite places to shoot :)

Choice #2:
Who doesn't have a good time bowling?

Choice #3
.....and I think this one speaks for itself :)



Woo me! ;)