Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My sister and brother in law flew in from California for the first time since they've been married back in September. It was fun. And the Best.Weekend.Ever. :D

Here are just a few from our bowling ventures:

The girls had to learn how to take turns......

And take turns, they did!

And I just LOVE these shoes!!

More to come!

Don't forget about the giveaway! 5 more days! Tell your friends! Random Comment! I will have more to giveaway and it won't be jewelry next time! So guys, you're in too!! :)


  1. The photo of the bowling balls and the blurred background is among, if not the most, brilliant and exciting picture of bowling balls and the general atmosphere of a place of bowling I've ever seen.


  2. Hli, I want to speak candidly here. You have to go into photography professionaly. I think you should try to look into journalism, or advertising. You don't even need to go to school, just have a portfolio. By the way, I need to know more about the jewelry I see on your site. It is gorgeous!
    Love, Holli

  3. Hey!!!! Thanks Byron, I tried telling her the same thing! :D

    See, Hli???

  4. I love, love, love these photos! *just NOW catching up on all the pics I've missed since I joined this blog* :P

    You have a gift... and your photography is incredible.
    And, I agree with Byron, that you caught the atmosphere most magnificently!